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Tartu Private School

Changes are all around us.

One of the quintessential skills in the 21st century is adapting to these changes. The story of Tartu Private School, a.k.a. TERA, is very much driven by such developments. The tale began with a few enthusiastic teachers and a handful of hopeful parents. In ten years, 70 students have become around 470. Best practices in innovation, different forms of feedback, and school management have played a crucial role in all of this.
Nowadays it might seem easier to alienate oneself from technology, but we have proven that technology can be used as an ally in the classroom environment. Moreover, we have used change as an instrument of constant development and growth. That, combined with the professionalism of our teachers, is what differentiates TERA from other schools. It has not always been easy, but it has definitely been worth it.

Our community

The essence of TERA lies in its community. School needs to be as close to the child, geographically and mentally speaking, as possible. We sprung to life through the initiative and perseverance of a few passionate parents and teachers. They always have, and still continue to contribute to our development. All our affiliate institutions share the same mindset, methodological principles and passion for education. Collectively we are known as Tartu Private Education Society, or TEHES. This is our family.

  • TERA – basic school at the centre of Tartu
  • Terake – kindergarten
  • HuviTERA – special interest school (robotics, programming, space club, chess, english, art, crafts, acting, different music instruments and singing
  • Peedu kool – our branch in a small village (5 forms)
  • LõunaTERA – new branch in suburban Tartu, opened in 2017

TERA in numbers

  • Founded in 2007 – 90 students in 9 class sets
  • In 2018 – 420 students and 24 class sets in Tartu
  • Peedu branch with 50 students and 5 class sets
  • 70+ colleagues
  • 18–20 students in a class

What makes us special

  • 3 terms (11–12 weeks)
  • 5 school holidays-
  • School-day starts at 9 and ends between 13–16
  • School-year (175 days) – from 23rd of August to 1st of June
  • School uniform
  • One of the Innovation Schools of the University of Tartu
  • ICT competence
  • Fewer students in a class
  • Smaller groups and differentiated learning
  • Integrated creativity learning in primary school
  • Interest-based lessons

What we value in assessment

  • Formative assessment in primary school
  • Letter grades (A to F) from form 6
  • Continuous feedback during the learning process
  • E-class record – Stuudium
  • Individual progress review twice a year
  • TERA’s Record of Achievement


  • Hassle-free, single Apple platform
  • Apple devices
  • 1:1 iPads for all students
  • Mobile MacBook classroom
  • Firewall protected public and private Wi-Fi networks